Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

Blending Ayurveda and modern technology, our facials will give your skin the benefits of both worlds.

Detox De-Tan FacialRM99RM99
Fairness & Glow Facial RM99RM99
Hydrating Fruit Facial RM99RM99
Detox Anti Pigmentation & Blemish FacialRM99RM99
Hydrating Papaya FacialRM99RM99
Anti-Ageing FacialRM109RM109
Brightening Pearl FacialRM119RM119
Anti-Acne FacialRM119RM119
24K Gold Facial RM139RM139
Premium Brightening FacialRM159RM159
Blackhead & White Head Removal (Full Face)RM40RM50


Bleaching facial and body hair is considered a hair removal method even though it doesn’t actually get rid of any hair. However, it’s made to remove the dark pigment of hair and colour it to a light shade of blonde. The lightened hair often becomes less noticeable or striking. It’s a good option for those who don’t like the look of the hair and really don’t mind the feel of it. Results last anywhere from two to four weeks depending on hair’s thickness and how fast it grows in that area.

Full Face + NeckRM40RM40
Half Arms (Upper/Lower)RM30RM30
Full Arms RM40RM40